Ep 23 – Party Balance

We're talking about party balance, reconciling differences between party members both mechanical and narrative in nature, and when the 'why' of character generation over the 'how.' We also field some questions from listeners @KailaEvansDM of @cotdnd, and @grenchaw. Finally, we're feature a special track at the end of the episode from Ivan's father, John Potocnik, off his new album, Tunes From Pleasant Valley. This album is released completely royalty free for use in videos, podcasts, streaming, or however you see fit. Available anywhere you get your music.  ||  Tunes From Pleasant Valley: https://open.spotify.com/album/0rme4ZJI3p4nMGmp8eNpNA?si=V7hOIwPqSsWLJVWeu5Hgag  || Twitter: @passive_podcast || Email: passiveaggropod@protonmail.com