Ep 43 – Bringing Roleplay To Non-TTRPG Activities

We cover bringing elements and tools from your TTRPG kit into other activities like board games, video games, fantasy sports, sex, and much more. We cover some of the tenets of how ascribing meaning through narrative and roleplay can help you build better memories with the things you love.

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Show Breakdown:

  • TTRPG News: 0:42
  • Black Dragon Company @bddc_pod “El Guapo”: 3:24
  • Addressing Twists In Games: 5:20
  • Role Playing Grenade @rpgrenadepod “Caltrop Core”: 8:18
  • #BrOSR: 9:02
  • Cascade Crisis Gaming & Miniatures @cascadecrisis “Addressing Characters With Disabilities: 14:53
  • Main Topic: 20:19
  • Dirty20 Gaming @thatotherkevin2: 23:35
  • Mama Newt @luckynewtgames: 24:01
  • FelScion113 @fscion113: 24:34