Ep 49 – Diseases, Curses, and Other Afflictions in TTRPG

This week we cover incorporating diseases, curses, maladies, and other general afflictions into your tabletop roleplaying games. We analyze why we think this aspect of gaming doesn't get as much love as it should and talk about some interesting ways to make it work at your table. We go over how to run diseases and curses, pick apart how they can affect your campaign, give tips on how to make them a more meaningful part of the world, and offer examples that bridge the gap between the mundane and the supernatural.

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Show Breakdown:

  • 0:00: Intro
  • 2:23: TTRPG News
  • 17:31: @Flyingfox369 “Being tasteful with diseases in games”
  • 21:14: Main Topic
  • 30:42: @FightGuyStudio “Making disease the basis for an entire TTRPG campaign”
  • 35:17: @LucyDnDPrincess “using the looming possibility of a disease as a potential apocalypse event”
  • 41:58: @DiceTherapy “Lycanthropy, weresharks, vampirism, and other supernatural afflictions”
  • 54:08: Social Information
  • 55:05: Examples of curses, diseases, and other afflictions to use in your TTRPG campaigns
  • 01:02:07: The Malady Workshop (Unique maladies created for 5e written by med students)