Ep 54 – SPECIAL #RPGaDAY2022 Pt. 2

Part two of our special 2-part series where we give our answers (and encourage you to give yours) to the questions presented from #RPGaDay2022, an annual celebration of tabletop roleplaying games conceptualized by @autocratik which you can find at https://www.autocratik.com. In part one we answer the first 16 questions from this highly hash-tag-able social experience, and we hope you will respond with your interesting answers and anecdotes. In this episode we cover questions 17-31.

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Show Breakdown:

  • 0:00: Intro
  • 1:33: TTRPG News
  • 8:49: @xerjester “What are your 4 TTRPG character archetypes?”
  • 10:47: Main Topic & Recap
  • 12:43: Past, present, or future? When is your favorite TTRPG set?
  • 15:04: Where is your favorite place to play TTRPGs?
  • 17:20: Why has your favorite TTRPG stayed with you?
  • 20:01: How long do your TTRPGs last?
  • 23:07: Setting Sunday: Share an intriguing detail about a game setting you enjoy.
  • 26:15: Who is your current TTRPG character?
  • 29:10: What situation is your TTRPG character currently in?
  • 31:29: When did you starting playing this TTRPG character?
  • 31:47: Where has that TTRPG character been?
  • 33:25: Why does your TTRPG character do what they do?
  • 35:07: How has your TTRPG character changed?
  • 35:59: Who would you like to see take part in #RPGaDAY2022?
  • 37:22: What should #RPGaDAY do for its 10th anniversary next year?
  • 37:56: When did you first participate in #RPGaDAY?
  • 39:43: Outro