Ep 60 – Campaign Length (and Knowing When To Quit)

To have the problem of finishing a campaign milestone and have your players still wanting more, even though the story is over, is a much better problem to have than your players being bored because there is no end in sight.

How many campaigns have you been a part of that have languished and died because of a lack of payoff. Is your gaming group losing steam? Are you scrambling to wrap up story arcs? We address these challenges and more as we discuss how we think many stories are better for having an ending.

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Show Breakdown:

  • 0:00: Intro
  • 02:40: TTRPG News
  • 16:19: Main Topic
  • 18:32: Personal examples of TTRPG campaigns that suffered from having shaky conclusions.
  • 22:30: Consider playing your TTRPG campaign in chapters.
  • 27:23: How unclear campaign goals can affect pacing.
  • 29:20: The fantasy of the never-ending campaign can stand in the way of good games.
  • 32:03: How many times have you as a GM/DM had to scramble to tie up a campaign?
  • 33:42: Examples of TTRPG systems that nudge players toward campaign conclusions.
  • 35:39: Foregoing a game's natural conclusion can prevent you from trying other things that you might find you enjoy.
  • 37:52: Framing the conclusion of your game.
  • 45:40: Outro
  • 47:31: Absolute Mayhem